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A proposal consist of Chapter I, Chapter II, and Chapter III.  Each chapter of the proposal is written based on the template provided by the client from his or her university.  One chapter will be emailed to the client from the consultant every 30 business days, in accordance with the consultant's business calendar.  Three free revisions per chapter are also included with the price for the proposal.  Revisions are provided within 15 business days from the date that they are emailed to the clients. All revisions emailed after 12 noon EST will be processed the next business daay. The revisions are based on the major professor's comments.  Refund Policy: Due to the nature of the writing services provided, no refund will be provided to the client once the he or she receives the document from the consultant via email. If the clients fails to provide the document within 135 business days, in accordance with the consultant's business calendar, a full refund may be requested.

Complete Proposal in 135 Days Without Expediting

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